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            Security in its simplest form.

            Learn About Elements Watch the Video

            OnGuard 8.0

            Visualization so powerful it turns
            data into insights.

            Learn About the New OnGuard Watch the Video
            Carrier | Healthy Buildings

            Come Back to Better

            Giving employees the confidence they need to feel secure and be productive.

            Learn More
            OnGuard Integrated Platform

            OnGuard Integrated Platform

            Web and mobile optimized, the latest OnGuard version provides users with enhanced access control and management options, robust cybersecurity and increased browser-based solutions.

            Learn about OnGuard's Benefits
            Open Integration

            Open Integration

            Through our OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP), Lenel fully supports Open Architecture to provide flexible, effective security to address each application's needs.

            Learn about Open Integration
            Custom Solutions

            Video Management

            Integrated and stand-alone video management options offer reliable, cost-effective surveillance solutions with streamlined migration to advanced technologies.

            Learn about Video Management

            Lenel Services

            Experienced teams of industry specialists and technical experts can provide tailored recommendations to optimize each customer's OnGuard system.

            Learn about Lenel Services

            LenelS2 Announces Strategic Agreement to Resell BriefCam Video Analytics Software

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            LenelS2 OnGuard and Milestone XProtect Jointly Added to U.S. Air Force Approved Intrusion Detection System Equipment List

            Read More

            LenelS2 Extends Touchless Visitor Management Experience

            Read More

            LenelS2 Delivers Indoor Location Service for Businesses and Organizations to Enable Easier Building Navigation

            Read More

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