BlueDiamond Mobile App

BlueDiamond Mobile App

The BlueDiamond™ mobile app delivers a smart device alternative to plastic badges, offering convenience without compromising security. Available on both iOS® and Android®, the app is designed to provide a touchless access experience, enabling building occupants to eliminate a significant number of access touch points by turning smartphones into secure access control devices.  

The BlueDiamond mobile experience is customizable. With a number of options available to set unique preferences, users have the flexibility to personalize their setting to meet their unique needs.

Effortless Access Features
The BlueDiamond mobile app includes a variety of features for ease of use, enhanced security and a touchless access experience.

  • Tap to Unlock
  • Voice Command Shortcuts
  • Phone as a Badge
  • Shake to Open
  • Pathways
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Walk-thru & In-app Tutorials
  • Embeddable Framework
  • Favorites

Subscription-based Services
Subscription-based* services available with the BlueDiamond mobile app (version 2.1.8 or greater) include Contact Notification and Indoor Location, providing additional value-added services to enhance your BlueDiamond mobile experience.    

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*Contact Notification and Indoor Location are subscription-based services and require the purchase of an annual license. Currently available to customers in the United States and Canada only.