OnGuard Cardholder Self Service (CSS)

Streamline and simplify your business's process for requesting access.

OnGuard Cardholder Self Service (CSS)


The OnGuard Cardholder Self Service (CSS) module provides an automated, integrated and innovative approach to handling cardholder requests for access. When added on, OnGuard CSS installs two intuitive and easy-to-use web interfaces, one for cardholders and the other for the access managers.

With the OnGuard CSS automated access request manager, the service reduces access approval workloads, prevents errors and speeds up the approval process, giving you a more efficient and secure way to manage requests. OnGuard CSS responds to your business needs quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. The portal gives cardholders complete information exactly when they need it and the Access Manger portal allows managers to handle requests intelligently and expediently.

These interfaces empower cardholders to self-manage access requests, and allow access managers to conveniently approve, deny or hold requests-all while providing an audit trail for access request decisions.



  • Reduces operational costs by reducing the workload on approvers
  • Improves cardholder productivity by reducing time spent waiting for access request approvals
  • Increases cardholder satisfaction through convenient self-service options and on-demand insight into the status of access requests
  • Review list of unsuccessful access attempts
  • Requests temporary or permanent access to readers or access levels
  • Search readers (using friendly names) and request access
  • See pending and process requests
  • Email sent to appropriate approver when new requests are received
  • Approve/deny/hold access requests
  • Optionally provide reason or note