OnGuard Version 7.6

Evolving to meet your ever-changing needs

OnGuard Version 7.6

Extensive enhancements to OnGuard® version 7.6 create a more scalable, accessible and cloud-compatible enterprise security platform. Version 7.6 also enriches essential operations, including IT compliance, cybersecurity, reader and card technology, and browser client usability.

Enhanced operability

Investments in optimization of system architecture, administration, and a flexible new door I/O Module offering onboard network connectivity, ease deployment, enhance reliability and increase convenience for both system administrators and end users.

Expanded cloud options

OnGuard Cloud Edition expands cloud deployment options by providing a pre-configured version of OnGuard in Amazon Web Services® (AWS), offering on-demand access to scalable computing resources which reduce installation time and server maintenance requirements.

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Advanced cybersecurity

OnGuard 7.6 includes use of the TLS 1.2 protocol to encrypt all eMail and browser client communications, in addition to an OnGuard 7.6 Hardening Guide offering important advice for enhancing the cybersecurity stance of your system.

Improved mobility

Innovative new features, expanded browser support and usability improvements to the OnGuard suite of web-based clients and modules enhance ease of use, intuitive operation, and convenience for end users who monitor alarms, validate access requests and host visitors.

Optimized visitor management solution

The OnGuard 7.6 next generation visitor management suite provides unparalleled ease of use, increased mobility and seamless integration across a range of devices, from mobile to desktop.  Intuitive and flexible, the visitor management suite recognizes and responds to a spectrum of customer preferences, from a full service a concierge visitor experience, to an unattended lobby where visitors can self-serve.

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