OnGuard Access

Software for access control

OnGuard Access


Advanced access control application including a feature-rich alarm monitoring module, IP-enabled controllers to provide appropriate door security everywhere. OnGuard® Area Access Manager, includes decentralized administration of access permissions to the department level and directly control cardholder access to specific physical areas.


  • Flexible Programming Functions
  • First Card Unlock
  • Elevator Control
  • (Selective) System Downloads
  • Import/Export Utility
  • Occupancy Limit
  • Local and Global Anti-Passback Flexible Monitoring Functions
  • Alarm Masking Groups/ Basic Intrusion Functionality
  • Graphical Maps and System Overview Tree
  • Monitor Zones
  • Alarm/Event Mappings and Routings
  • Customizable Voice Instructions and Annunciation Flexible Cardholder Commands
  • Escort Control
  • Use Limits
  • Extended Individual Strike Times and (On-Demand) Door Held Open Times
  • Destination Assurance (with Elevator Control) Flexible Card Reader Commands
  • Time Zone Overrides
  • Cipher Mode
  • Multiple Card Formats
  • Denied Access Attempts Counter
  • CCTV Interface
  • Paging/E-mail Interface
  • Video Verification
  • Mustering
  • Guard Tour
  • Intelligent System Controller (ISC) Communications
  • Ethernet , Modem, RS-232, Dual-Path, Multidrop (RS-485)
  • FIPS 197 128-bit AES Encrypted ISC Communications
  • FIPS 140-2 Validation Pending
  • Industry Standard Card Reader Technologies
  • OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) Readers OnGuard Area Access Manager
  • Easy Deployment and Installation
  • Wizard-Like Interface
  • Audit Trail
  • Complete Reporting Capabilities
  • Video
  • Simple Management of Access level permissions
  • Powerful Business Productivity Tool
  • Decentralization of Access Privilege Management
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Less Time Invested in Modifying Access Levels
  • Desktop or Browser-Based Client
  • Available for ES, ADV, PRO and Enterprise Configurations