OnGuard Biometrics & Smart Cards

Integrated Biometric and Smart Card Management

OnGuard Biometrics & Smart Cards


Biometrics and smart cards are two of the most powerful security solutions available today. While there is an assortment of products on the market purporting to offer high security, not all of them provide the optimal experience for the user. Lenel has developed OnGuard® Biometrics & Smart Cards to help customers leverage their OnGuard systems to support industry leading biometric and smart card technologies. This solution offers customers a seamless enrollment and verification experience, to simplify management and optimize security while providing added functionality.


  • Fast, efficient, enrollment using OnGuard ID CredentialCenter
  • Biometric verification
  • Single networked system
  • Access decisions made at the panel or credential level, even when off-line with the database server
  • Centralized reporting and audit trail
  • Share biometrics between PACS & LACS for login to user’s directory accounts
  • Increases security
  • Eliminates multiple systems and databases
  • Reduces total cost of ownership

Supports template-on-card and template-on-server data models

Supports biometric readers from:

  • IrisID iCAM 7000 series
  • Schlage Handkey
  • HID bioCLASS
  • Suprema/Entertech

Supports card readers from:

  • HID (iClass, Mifare, Desfire)
  • Xceed ID (Mifare, Desfire)

Supports encoders from:

  • HID (iClass)
  • Digion (Mifare)
  • Inline encoders built into printers*

* see price book

Supports smart card enrollment from:

  • OmniKey (Mifare, PIV)
  • RFIDeas (Mifare, iClass, PIV)