OnGuard Monitor

Browser-based integrated Alarm, Video and Device Control

OnGuard Monitor

The OnGuard Monitor client offers a light-weight browser-based alternative to the traditional OnGuard Alarm Monitoring Windows® application, enabling basic alarm and status monitoring without client installation or upgrades. With the OnGuard system, users can securely access events and alarms through a supported web browser on their desktop, laptop, or tablet. OnGuard Monitor client is one of several browser clients available with OnGuard, allowing installation-free user access to the OnGuard system.

Designed with the user in mind, this flexible OnGuard interface provides a simplified, customizable view of activity in the OnGuard system. Multiple custom layouts can be created and stored, putting critical security information at the user’s fingertips. 

Features & Functionality

  • Ability to view alarm details, clear, acknowledge or mark alarms in progress
  • Quickly trace cardholder, controller or device activity
  • Simultaneously show multiple filtered alarm lists
  • Interactive hardware tree that shows Lenel® access hardware summary of any offline devices
  • Status and control for Lenel access devices, including reader mode, open door, input masking and output control
  • Designing and saving of custom screen layouts
  • Display of cardholder photo upon entry
  • Modern search-as-you-type (incremental search)
  • Flexible alarm list sorting and filtering
  • Option to customize alarm list by adding, removing and rearranging columns
  • Support for OnGuard monitor zones and user permissions