Software for access control



The most comprehensive security integration platform offers applications relevant to every major industry, tools for integration with any critical business application, and the most extensive device support available anywhere. OnGuard® is available in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, German and Hebrew, among others.

New in OnGuard 7.0
  • Alarm Monitoring FIFO and Clearing
  • Configure Hyperlinks to Alarm instruction and Acknowledgement Notes
  • Improved archiving to database rather that text files
  • Integration with Edwards™ EST3 Components
  • Support HID EVO card readers
  • IPv6 support for LNL and NGP access hardware
  • OnGuard Government Support
    • Support larger format Government ID such as FASC-N/UUID
    • FICAM certification in process
    • Support for HID pivCLASS

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