OnGuard Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP)

Amplify and Protect Your OnGuard System

OnGuard Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP)


LenelS2 offers a Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP) for your OnGuard® system, including integrated LenelS2 video management systems and channels, assuring access to software upgrades to your systems. These upgrades provide the latest features, system efficiencies, cybersecurity patches, and more. Our technical support team is also available to guide you through the upgrade process, troubleshoot issues, and navigate available support and documentation resources.

Additionally, with an active OnGuard SUSP, your organization can leverage the deep technical expertise within our LenelS2 Advanced Services team of software engineers, consultants and technical application specialists. This team brings guidance in professional services and consulting, system hardening, system installation and upgrades, system optimization, as well as remote or direct on-site OnGuard system management. To learn more about these services areas click here or access our detailed catalog of LenelS2 services, available on LenelS2 Partner Center

Benefits of an OnGuard SUSP

An Active SUSP Can Amplify the Value of Your OnGuard System with Services, Ongoing Software Upgrades, and More


  • Unlimited Access to Technical Call Center Support: Provides expert assistance to Value-Added Reseller (VAR) certified technicians for real-time system troubleshooting, issue resolution and resource navigation. May include engineering escalation, upgrade assistance, deployment guidance, migration advice, and patch support. Does not include 24/7 Technical Support upgrade.
  • System Software Upgrades and Patches: Assures VAR certified technician access to the latest features, system releases and updates.
  • 24/7 Technical Support Upgrade Option: Covers support for those situations when an OnGuard system is unexpectedly down, creating an emergency scenario.*
  • Online Self-Help: Offers the OnGuard Knowledge Base to VARs for technical guidance, common concerns and resolutions in a searchable database.
  • LenelS2 Online Training Option: Grants access to online virtual and live product training and instructional materials for certification prep or independent study.*
  • Technical Support for End-of-Support Software Versions: Entitles VARs to technical support on a 'best effort' basis for non-supported versions of OnGuard software.  
  • Test Systems: Extends technical call center support for OnGuard test systems, when stood up as a backup for a corresponding OnGuard production server. 
  • LenelS2 Professional Engineering Services Option: Extends access to experienced applications and software engineers for consulting, project management, deployment support, database migration, system upgrades and more.*
  • LenelS2 Custom Solutions Option: Provides custom integrations to adjacent systems and platforms such as elevator controls, customized fault tolerant server monitoring and more, to support expansion of your OnGuard system capabilities.*
  • Supplemental Instructional Materials: Enables VAR access to system installation documentation, version-specific OnGuard system hardening guides and OnGuard software version release notes. 
  • Multi-Year SUSP Advantage: Locks in the annual SUSP cost for up to three years with the purchase of a multi-year SUSP agreement. The basic OnGuard system SUSP annual cost remains the same throughout the term of the pre-paid SUSP multi-year licensed agreement, even if the system expands to a larger, more complex system configuration during that timeframe.

*Additional charges apply