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For Prospective Partners

Become a new partner and certify your first product integration to Lenel OnGuard

For Current Partners

Re-certify a previously-certified product integration


Certify a new product integration

About the Program

Lenel OAAP works with new and current partners in three (3) parallel tracks to help you achieve certification (or re-certification) of your product integration to Lenel OnGuard.

A single certification accounts for the integration between one (1) version of a partner’s product and one (1) version of Lenel OnGuard.  If the partner’s product is a series of cameras, a single certification accounts for the integration between one (1) camera (based on camera features) and one (1) version of Lenel OnGuard.

Commercial Track

  • Achieve commercial qualification (re-certifications have priority over new certifications)
  • Get tier assignment (higher-numbered tiers receive priority over lower-numbered tiers)
  • Execute legal agreement with program terms and conditions (for new partners only)
  • Acquire evaluation licenses
  • Acquire access to Lenel Partner Center (to download the Lenel OnGuard software and API)
  • Pay for program fees (depends on number of products being certified or re-certified)
  • Acquire full licenses

Technical Track

  • Review Lenel OnGuard documentation (installed with OnGuard) and API documentation
  • Meet (usually remotely) with OAAP technical team to review (for new partners or new products only):
    • Integration architecture
    • API resources
    • Project schedule
    • Shipping equipment to testing facilities
    • Testing plan
    • Demo expectations
    • On-site certification testing expectations
    • Documentation plan
    • Installation and configuration support
    • Development support
    • Production support
  • Develop your integration
  • Create documentation
  • Provide a demo (usually remotely) of your integration
  • Participate in on-site certification testing (in Rochester, New York)
  • Achieve certification

Marketing Track

  • Receive official certification letter
  • Provide company branding and product description content for web site
  • Feature your product integration on the OAAP Partners and Products page
  • Draft press release based on template
  • Issue press release (must be approved by Lenel and United Technologies World Headquarters)