Camio automatically detects and deters tailgating (aka "piggybacking") using existing cameras that have a view of the doors controlled by OnGuard®. The Camio on-premise gateway connects to OnGuard to relay events to Camio for AI-powered analysis of access granted, door held open, door forced open, and tailgating events. Because Camio real-time video search is a SaaS solution that uses industry standard cameras, it can be deployed in less than an hour. 


Camio is the real-time video search engine that puts existing cameras to work to understand the problems that warrant human attention. Using AI, Camio turns standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors that track and analyze movement — without the cost and complexity of installing specialized hardware. Camio gives existing cameras a new sense of depth and understanding by segmenting and tracking people as they move on a 3D floor-plane grid that defines the areas inside and outside of each entrance. Camio learns continuously to expedite video review for 50 times greater efficiency via 90% fewer false positives and five times faster search.

OnGuard users should expect the following features/functionality from this interface:

  • Camio real-time video search automatically detects unauthorized entry events using AI and existing cameras.
  • Automated alerts are triggered each time the number of people passing through an entrance is greater than the number of people authorized to enter.
  • Alerts are sent to authorized personnel — and optionally to the people involved in the tailgating incident — and are viewable from any browser on any device.
  • Investigations are as fast as a Google search, using simple, natural language to find and review tailgating, entry ajar and door forced open events. 
  • Intuitive dashboards highlight problem access areas, reveal long-term trends, and enable quick video review 
  • Customizable, automated emails may be sent to the people involved in tailgating incidents to encourage compliance with security policy and demonstrate safeguards for regulatory compliance and certifications.
Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
Camio Lenel Gateway   1.0  


OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comment
Camio OnGuard Gateway API This specific partner interface requires a LenelS2 OnGuard API license and has a unique part number.  Contact your LenelS2 Value Added Reseller for pricing. IPC-096-CAMI01-B Cameras monitored by interface


LenelS2 factory certification validates only the compatibility of the OAAP product with the LenelS2 OnGuard access control security system. LenelS2 makes no representations regarding the functionality or cybersecurity of any OAAP product.