IX-DA Camera

Aiphone IX-DA is an IP based intercom camera that allows live video/audio streaming from the door station into the IX master station, LNVR, and OnGuard applications.

  • The integration supports:
  • View live/recorded video and audio in OnGuard
  • Record video and audio into LNVR
  • Link the camera to its own intercom device
  • Trigger live/record video and audio during specific events
  • Control Intercom station relay using the camera output
OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
LNVR channels Maximum number of LNVR-Recorded Camera Channels (SW-LNR-CH1) SW-LNR-CH1 Part number is per 1 channel
Digital Video Application Digital Video Application (XXSDVXXX) SWS-DV or SWG-DV License required unless already activated in the license file


The following camera models are certified with: 
  • OnGuard 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6 with LNVR 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6
Camera Model Supported Encoding Firmware Version
Aiphone IX-DA H264, MJPEG 2.13
Aiphone IX-DF H264, MJPEG 2.13
Aiphone IX-DV H264, MJPEG 2.01


LenelS2 factory certification validates only the compatibility of the OAAP product with the LenelS2 OnGuard access control security system. LenelS2 makes no representations regarding the functionality or cybersecurity of any OAAP product.