SekureID Xenio Smart Devices

Smart Biometric Access Control Readers. Designed for today’s real world challenges. Our smart readers are equipped with the world’s top biometric (fingerprint / iris / face) technology, with the ability to efficiently verify a user’s biometric, lightning fast, and regardless of the environmental conditions including outdoor/harsh environments.


The readers are easy to install into an existing OnGuard customer (Plug n Play) or new installation. The readers work both in standalone mode, with ability to function as a 1 door panel (having all functions of the panel inside the reader), or they can connect to existing OnGuard panel via Wiegand or OSDP. Our state of the art communication protocol allows data to flow seamlessly from the OnGuard system, to the readers and vice versa, without the need for third party user/reader management software (all accomplished in the OnGuard software). This allows for seamless synchronization of biometric data to be transferred in real time to the readers the cardholder is assigned to, and all data logs/events flow back to the OnGuard system in real time.


No need for third party software, LenelS2 customers will have the ability to add state of the art biometric reader and manage the biometrics inside OnGuard.

The integrarion supports:

  • Configure readers as a panel within OnGuard (standalone mode) or connect to existing OnGuard panel via Wiegand or OSDP.
  • Add cardholders to readers.
  • Synchronize cardholder credentials including pin, card, and biometrics seamlessly.
  • Set access level, and groups.
  • System events (e.g. door held open, relay contact activated, door forced open, door contact tamper, etc.
  • Configure reader to work with existing OnGuard panels.
OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
Reader Maximum Number of Local Readers, Maximum Number of Readers for System Type, Maximum Number of Readers in Enterprise (for enterprise systems) Any part number that includes readers licenses License is per reader
  This specific partner interface requires a LenelS2 OnGuard API license and has a unique part number.  Contact your LenelS2 Value Added Reseller for pricing.    
Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
Xenio Smart Devices AC50, AC200, AC500, AC700, i1000 v2.8.1  

LenelS2 factory certification validates only the compatibility of the OAAP product with the LenelS2 OnGuard access control security system. LenelS2 makes no representations regarding the functionality or cybersecurity of any OAAP product.