Zenitel IC-Edge?

With Intelligent Communication at the edge, Zenitel introduces a paradigm shift in the way intelligent communication systems are used, deployed and integrated into safety and security systems, as well as cloud networks. This next-generation Intelligent Communication System delivers unrivaled, out-of-the-box sound quality, interoperability, security, and ease of use. The system is easily installed using a web browser with no external software and no costly server infrastructure. You can expand your system easily by simply adding a device. It offers flexible interoperability through open API and industry standard protocols. The cyber defensibility of IC-Edge is addressed using integrated IEEE 802.1x network access control with regular software upgrades to ensure secure, reliable communications.


Zenitel’s new intelligent communications platform, IC-EDGE™, provides OnGuard® users with a simple and powerful way to incorporate voice communications into their unified security strategy. By removing the complexities and cost of a central audio server, the IC-EDGE integration to OnGuard enables better decision-making and faster incident response, through unrivaled sound quality, interoperability, security, and ease of use. Linked events between IC-EDGE and OnGuard automate and expedite common responses to critical events, such as voice messages generated on lock-down or intrusion alarms, or door release commands issued from the intercom station.


The IC-EDGE System is an IP-based, next generation, intercom system for up to 32 intercom stations, expandable to 64 stations. The system supports all Zenitel IP intercom stations. In addition, it is possible to extend the system with up to 10 third party SIP phones, 10 Telephone gateways and 10 VS-Clients. One IC-EDGE system can be linked to up to 50 other IC-EDGE systems, providing unmatched scalability and flexibility in creating an intelligent communications platform.

Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
IC-EDGE   5.1  


OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comment
Intercomm Maximum Number of Intercom Exchanges (SWG-1340). (1) Intercom license PER Intercom panel.  Contact your LenelS2 Value Added Reseller for pricing. SWG-1340

LenelS2 factory certification validates only the compatibility of the OAAP product with the LenelS2 OnGuard access control security system. LenelS2 makes no representations regarding the functionality or cybersecurity of any OAAP product.